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Looking for Zao application for your Iphone X, 9, 8, 7, or 6 models? The Chinese app makes it clear how advanced the so-called “Deep Fake” technology, which previously sought involvement of a professional.

As the application becomes more sought after, some users have wondered how the data protection is. However, possibility of misuse of the application is limit, because the program does not allow putting faces in any video, but has a your own shots, where the user can do it.

It was launched on 30 August 2019. The social app developer named Momo introduced this software. Initially, it was only available on the iOS app store accessible only in China. The downloads calculating firm called Annie app remarked that Zao is the top most downloaded app on 1 September 2019.


In response, AI ZAO changed its privacy policy on September 3, so photos are now only for program enhancement or other purposes, but only if users give their consent. The company added that when a user deletes an account, they will comply with the necessary rules and laws in the handling of that user’s data.As well as the user’s photos can used to advertise the app itself, but only if the user allows it. However, it was unclear whether this data would be completely erased or whether the new terms would also apply to previously transmitted data.

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In the world of politics, such counterfeits are a cause for concern as the tools used are increasingly perfect.

Such a thing could, of course, be performed with well-known politicians, especially since there is a lot of source material. Many fear that misusing such programs could serve to manipulate public opinion very quickly.

So she got a very low rating on the App Store, so she stays with the company to improve her privacy !!

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