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Download ZAO app for iphone, ipad, Android, PC Windows and BlackBerry (Android OS Version).Once it seemed impossible, today it is possible to do it. ZAO APP arrived ( Deepfake ), what worked this application with your picture in just 8 seconds is simple intimidation.

This app is a new trend of digital world. It is trending and use all around the world. It allow you to replace your face with anyone in a clip only in 30 seconds. Time taken by Zao app is much less than any software.

First you have to download this app, then become the part of community by signing up with your mobile number with code so that you have access to the app. Then take your picture from the gallery and put it in a clip of your liking.

ZAO app is produced by which is Chinese site for video servicing and dating site. It was launched in the year 2019 on 30 August. It become trending in just 24 hours of its launching and is at first place in Chinese app store.

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ZAO Tips & Tricks

Following are the tips and tricks for using ZAO app. As this app is yet available at Chinese app store so You can get Zao’s APK from web site, the site is must be safe and that the APK is healthy and virus free.

As this app is in Chinese language so If you don’t understand the that language, don’t get afraid, you can translate the language on the app using a third-party app use for translation such as any App Translator.

In order to use and get registration for Zao, the app needed a Chinese mobile number. Without this step , you are unable to use  Zao. But don’t worry there’s many paid and free services available for making virtual number of any country.

For facial recognition in Zao app, you have to move your face in number of angles. After face registration , you can use many features of this app.

Also Zao app have fastest speed as other apps. You can make face swap video in just 14 to 30 seconds.

Zao App Deep-fake

The Chinese application ZAO is a so-called “DeepFake” automated application that makes unrealistic real-life video montages. The application is available on the market since August 30. Momo Inc. is the one behind this application, and in three days it gained popularity.

Download Zao App 2This app allows anyone without any video editing experience to make new photo frames and videos with other people, replacing the original. To do this, you just need to do a picture of your own, or upload a picture from the base of the phone and select one of the videos that is in the “ZAO” gallery of applications, to which the face of the user can be added.

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