Download ZAO app for PC Windows 1

Zao is the latest app that swaps the faces of its users into the bodies of celebrities. Chinese developers have developed this great app. In China, Zao is the most downloaded app in the iOS app stores. The ongoing craze of the Zao is uncontrollable. This app uses Artificial intelligence known as Deepfake technology to change the face of the user into famous actors in no time. Zao app works very fast in comparison to other apps that uses images to edit them. It makes a deepfake video in just 14 seconds.


How You can Download Zao to use on your Pc – Desktop

iOS and Android devices have provided the facility to use the Zao app. So you can easily use the Zao app for these devices. But when we think for Windows Operating systems or Personal computers, the Zao app is not released for them. But here, you will quickly learn the way to download or install this latest app for your Pc.

Easy steps for downloading the face-swapping application on your Pc Windows

To download the latest fascinating Zao app on your Window operating system or Pc, you are required to follow the following easy steps:

  1. The first thing you have to download is Android Emulator.
  2. As you have downloaded the Android Emulator, now you have to install the Android Emulator.
  3. After installing Emulator, the next step, you are required to open Play Store
  4. By opening the Play Store, write the Zao App in your search bar and start to search the latest app.
  5. As you see Zao App below after the search has completed, you can download it.
  6. In case you are failed to search it in Play Store, you have to follow another way by downloading Zao APk.
  7. The next step starts by installing the APk.
  8. Now you can easily open your desired app by signing up using your number.
  9. Now it’s time to use the Zao app by uploading your images and choosing your favorite video clips that you can choose from the Gallery of the Zao.
  10. You can easily create your desired videos and share it with your loved one friends and families on social websites.

Zao video clips gallery

There are many video clips of different movies and other videos available in the Zao gallery. The increasing demand for Zao is showing that technology has become more good. It’s not only giving you your favorite edited videos but also heart filling fun and entertainment.