The Chinese Zao becomes the most Downloaded App

The Chinese Zao becomes the most Downloaded App 1

Over the past few weeks, the rising face-swapping app from China Zao managed to create the biggest propaganda of the year as it became the most downloaded app in just one weekend since its launch. The Chinese Zao app has been received positively by millions of people across the globe who are interested in trying out new artificial intelligence technologies, unique face filters and movie experiences.

Zao presents the user with a face-swapping experience with the aid of AI so that he can become the protagonist in some of the most popular movies and T.V. shows – such as Titanic and Game of Thrones. The debutant app has been described as one step closer towards bringing AI to every house all over the world; Zao is now the most downloaded app in China and other countries alluding to the fact that the new deepfake platform has managed to attract a huge number of AI enthusiasts from everywhere.

The sudden rise of Zao sparked an interesting inquiry into the future of AI techniques and videos which can be used in more than one way. The outstanding popularity of Zao is emerging from the reality that the app allows you to plaster your face onto famous movie or T.V. characters so that you can become the main persona in the movie or series for few seconds.

Developers of Zao utilized a deepfake technology to present users with an authentic and realistic AI experience where their faces and voices are used to create a renewed cinematic scene! Users have been sharing their experiences and results of using Zao and uploading their photos and videos; many users have taken the place of well-known actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp in popular scenes. As of now, Zao managed to attract tens of millions of users to try its renovated deepfake technology.

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The prior success of similar apps – such as FaceApp – enabled the Chinese Zao to dominate many markets in nearly a couple of days since its release. All the user needs to do is upload a selfie or a series of photos to stitch his face amidst the most popular scenes of all times! Of course the rapid growth of Zao has alerted many experts and AI scholars who find that such deepfake technologies can pose a great threat to the privacy status of the user who has to upload multiple photos to get the best result. The owners of Zao assured that the new face-swapping platform isn’t spying on its users in any way; developers of the app added that the privacy features of Zao are designed to delete the user’s unused images and selfies immediately which assures the fan base of the Chinese app that their content isn’t being stored or used illegally. Furthermore the developers stated that the privacy policy of Zao is going to be enhanced and modified soon to terminate all speculations about Zao and its deepfake experiences.

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